Together we stood up against this bad Brexit

Today the historic Brexit deal was voted on in Parliament, and together we stood up against this bad Brexit. Thousands of you wrote to your MPs, leaders in the European Movement called for MPs to refuse to endorse this catastrophic deal, and I was one of the MPs who stood with you and refused to endorse this deal.

We knew that Boris Johnson would get his deal through the Commons. But I believe, along with over 100 of my colleagues, that this deal should not be endorsed by anyone who believes Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal is bad for the UK.

In the end, 52 MPs abstained and 73 MPs voted against the deal.

The European Movement UK will continue to hold the Government to account for the harm this deal will do to the UK. It was a political choice this government made, and they alone should take full responsibility.

But far from being defeated by the Government’s bad deal for the UK, we recognise that this is the start of a new phase in our relationship with Europe. We will pull together and fight for our future relationship with the EU.

Thank you so much to all European Movement UK members and supporters who stood with me and other MPs as we stood against Boris Johnson’s Bad Deal for Britain.

Stephen Farry, MP for North Down

This is just the start. The European Movement will be holding the government to account for this thin Brexit deal as its impacts unfold. Chip in and help us hold the government to account for its disastrous deal.



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