Vaughan Thomas's perspective on Brexit

Published on November 22, 2018

Brexit is like a sulking teenager locking themselves in their room. And this time they may never ever come out!

"Wake up and smell the coffee," as I remember one European politician saying. Just pinch yourself and imagine living outside our protected EU space in another not so distant land. Your lifestyle and possibilities would be severely degraded. We all take very much for granted the comforts that have cushioned us as a result of our place in the EU for the last 70 years. Peace, stability, liberty, prosperity, opportunity.

But for how much longer? 

Winston Churchill founded European Movement movement and foresaw a unified Europe so that your children could “jaw-jaw”, not “war-war”. Better to talk than to kill, don’t you think? There is also enormous beauty and power of diversity protected and enshrined in the EU treaties. 

The sulky Brexit teenager is falling into the trap of self-pity and rejection. Its time they grew up and took part in life. Europe is our historical and geographical destiny of which we cannot be in denial. The European Union is like software - you get out what you input. It’s constantly evolving and changing with those inside shaping it and we need to be there at the dining table being heard 
- not locked in our room in a mood. Who knows what threats the future will hold if we aren’t?

Join us. Now.

Vaughan Thomas is a member of European Movement UK and a British Olympian



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