Why I became a European Movement Member

Published on October 31, 2018

"I have joined European Movement for two key reasons. First our future is strengthened through connectivity with our neighbours. To break these off is socio-economic and political folly; it’s also bad manners to cut our selves off from allies and neighbours. We are erecting a virtual ugly fence around our island in response to a fear that too many immigrants are entering the country and that Brussels has undue power. The Brexit referendum comprised a series of slogans to support this dismal and ignorant argument. There has been no deliberative process to support Brexit and the Labour Party has shirked its responsibilities to raise the debate. Corbyn’s absence from a defence of the EU means we are left with Kenneth Baker valiantly attempting to offer one. Any organisation seeking to introduce serious discussion on Brexit has my enthusiastic support.

Secondly, I am 70.  In my early adulthood, I lived and worked in three European countries- an illegal immigrant in all. This was before the EU. If I compare conditions in Europe now with the time I lived on the mainland,  it shows how far we have moved as a continent. Nations cooperate on so much now and even where they are reluctant to do so (as with refugees), the EU is a valuable source of pressure. The EU is not perfect and it should be appreciated that it’s always work in progress. Losing a European identity  and European rights is deeply upsetting. It feels like the U.K. is determined to self harm, heading as it is to lose so much (including Scotland) and to gain nothing but a huge bureaucracy to support this catastrophic decision."

Leamington Spa


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