Write to your MP and encourage them to back a People's Vote

Published on October 10, 2018

More than two years on from the referendum, the promises made during the campaign seem further away from ever. Remember the sunny uplands, the “easiest trade deal in history”, the £350m extra each week for the NHS? Brexit hasn’t happened yet – but the damage is already hurting us. Doctors, nurses, carers, scientists and academics are leaving, threatening the sustainability of our social care system and NHS. The economy has taken a hit; inflation is rising; and the weaker pound means holidays and imported food all cost more.

But Brexit isn’t inevitable. If enough MPs find the courage to stand up and do what is right we have a way out of this mess. Our letter, which you can download and print at home, is designed to be folded up like an old fashioned air-mail letter. In it, we call on MPs to back a People’s Vote, with an option to cancel Brexit, as an honourable way out of this mess.

Brexit as promised is undeliverable and unachievable. Vote Leave have been found guilty of breaking electoral law. And Britain now has the dubious distinction of being the only western democracy to have to stockpile food and medicines *during peacetime* thanks to the destructive and damaging policies pursued by its own government.

Please write to your MP and encourage them to back a People’s Vote. They currently receive far more letters in support of Brexit – so every single letter will make a real difference. Please find a template for you to use attached here

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