Yes, we left the EU three years ago. But we are still European.

Published on January 31, 2023

Today marks three years since the UK withdrew from the European Union. Remember these?

The Brexiteers got what they wanted. Here’s a snapshot of what has happened since that ‘New Dawn for Britain’: 

  • Brexit is costing the UK economy one million pounds per hour (ONS)    
  • Brexit means we have around £20 billion a year less available for public spending (Full Fact/UK Statistic Authority) 
  • Brexit has lost around 330,000 workers from the UK economy.  
  • UK trade in goods has fallen by 13.6% as a result of Brexit and that 
  • Investment in the UK from abroad is 13.7 per cent lower. 

Look at the state the country is in, and the list could go on. 

The promises that were never going to be delivered, the lies told during the referendum campaign in 2016 and the lies told to us today about the benefits of Brexit, add to this the corruption at the very heart of this Brexit government: this is Brexit, and it has only been three years. 

But – no matter how important it is - Brexit is not just about the economy, or about numbers. Brexit has always been, and still is, a question of identity.  

We share a common history and values with our neighbours in Europe. Many of us have lived, worked and travelled in Europe, or have close friends and family in the EU. Some of us were born in other European countries and have made the UK our home. Some of us even have dual nationality or have fallen in love and made a life with someone from another part of Europe. 

This is the beauty of a peaceful, cooperative world.  

Brexit has made it harder for us to live our lives as Europeans. But thousands of us know that we’re still European and remain determined to stand up for friendship and cooperation across borders. 

Yes, we left the EU three years ago. But we are still European. 

We need to reverse Brexit not just for the sake of the UK economy, but for the sake of our shared European identity. There are hundreds of thousands of us across the UK who know this, and our number is growing every day. 

In one poll this month, 65% of the UK public said they want another vote on EU membership, up from 55% at the same point last year (Savanta). We are winning the argument. Support for Brexit is waning and the conversation is changing. 

This is exactly why our movement is here. To give a voice to the majority of Brits who don’t support Brexit. To rebuild the UK, our relationship with Europe and with each other. 

The European Movement is the home of pro-Europeanism in the UK. We are the only organisation with the courage and community to lead the fight to reverse Brexit. Public opinion is shifting because of us. We are still European, and we are not giving up. 

Since we left the European Union, our campaign community has doubled in size, and so has our membership. The community of pro-Europeans is growing because yes, the UK left the EU 3 years ago, but we are still European.  

We are in the Battle for the Soul of our Country, and European Movement UK are the only organisation that has the courage and community to lead the fight back.  

I look forward to taking the battle to the next stage, together. 

Anna Bird 

CEO, European Movement UK

Our movement is powered by people like you coming together to battle for the soul of our country!

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