Do not endorse this bad deal

Brexit Deal is a Bad Deal for Britain

European Movement leaders Heseltine, Dorrell & Adonis urge MPs and Peers not to endorse a bad deal


Jointly commenting on the UK’s trade deal, European Movement Chair Stephen Dorrell and Vice Chair, Lord Adonis said: 

“The Government has avoided no deal, but we should be under no illusions: this Brexit deal is a bad deal for Britain.

“We call on all opposition voices, including any Conservatives who put country before party, to refuse to endorse the Government’s deal. The Government will get its deal through the Commons - there is no doubt about that - but no MP who believes Boris Johnson’s Brexit is bad for Britain should lend their name to it. 

“This deal bears no resemblance to what was promised; it damages Britain's economy, jobs, security, trade in vital goods and the respect with which the UK is held and opponents of the deal should not allow themselves to be held responsible for its consequences. The only people who should vote for this deal are those who are willing to accept responsibility for its consequences.

“Today marks a nadir in our relationship with our European neighbours. The job of building back what we’ve lost, brick by brick, needs to begin now and we at the European Movement stand ready to lead that fight. But our task will be made harder still if those who know a better deal is possible choose to endorse what is clearly a bad deal for Britain.”


Commenting on the UK’s trade deal with the EU, European Movement President,   

Lord Heseltine, said: 

“We deplore the United Kingdom's decision to sever its connection with the European Union.  It will diminish our influence within our own continent, prejudice our reputation on the world stage and undermine our economic strengths as a gateway to one of the world's largest regional economies.  We remain committed to its vision and to the restoration of this country's participation in it.

“The Government has an electoral mandate and I will not vote against consequential legislation if that might lead to the even worse consequence of a 'No Deal' rupture.  I make clear, however, that I and the European Movement will in no way share in the endorsement of legislation that will do lasting damage to our country's strategic, political and economic interests.”


We hold this government, and this government alone, responsible for this terrible deal. Opposition MPs must refuse to endorse it and lay the blame squarely at the door of this government. 

Will you write to your Opposition MP and ask them not to endorse this bad deal?


If you have a Conservative MP, you can still use this tool to ask them about the impact of this deal in your local community. 

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