We Say #No2NoDeal

Boris Johnson is using every trick in his playbook to engineer a damaging No Deal Brexit. We’re mobilising to stop him.

We’ve stopped No Deal before – and together we can do it again.

As months have passed, the true costs of a No Deal Brexit have become alarmingly clear. The government’s own research showed No Deal would bring rising prices, medicine shortages, and even risk of public disorder. With Covid-19 infections rising once again, the evidence shows that No Deal would be a disaster for all of us.


For a long time, the evidence has been stacking up against No Deal.

For months, everyone from businesses to trade unions have been sounding the alarm and still the government is unprepared. With the added pressures of Covid-19 we could see a perfect storm.

Last year the government's own leaked report, Operation Yellowhammer, revealed that a No Deal Brexit would lead to:

A rise in food prices

Chaos at the borders

Medicine shortages

And it gets worse. The government’s “doomsday document” leaked last month outlines the worst-case scenario of an increasingly likely Covid-19 second wave coinciding with a No Deal Brexit. It predicts everything from power cuts, to water rationing and a “systemic economic crisis”.

Now, in a last-ditch attempt at No Deal the government has ripped up the Withdrawal Agreement it signed in January – the one it fought an election over.

This has broken international law, torn up our global reputation, and threatens peace at the Irish border. This is not who we are, and it is not what we voted for.


The government has played all its cards. Now, it is gambling with our futures. We will not let this happen.

Together we can take No Deal Brexit off the table. But we need to act now.

It could be writing to your MP, lobbying your local council, taking action online, or chipping in to help us make a big splash and grab everyone’s attention. Whatever you can do – we need your help now to make this happen.

This could be our last chance. Come and fight with us and say No to No Deal!