European Movement UK launches tool for voters to see where their candidate stand on Europe at the General Election

Published on June 19, 2024

European Movement UK has unveiled a new online tool to help voters understand their local candidates' positions on European issues ahead of the general election on 4th July.

The "Manifesto on Europe Postcode Lookup" allows users to enter their postcode and view responses from candidates in their constituency regarding their stance on our Manifesto on Europe and of dealing with the impact of Brexit.

The tool aims to make Brexit and UK-EU relations a key election issue and European Movement supporters are putting Europe on the election agenda by contacting candidates to seek their commitment to action on rebuilding the UK's relationship with Europe.

Want to know what your candidates are saying on Europe? Use the postcode checker here.

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If constituents receive direct responses from candidates, please forward these to [email protected].

European Movement UK is committed to reversing Brexit and to restoring closer ties with European neighbours. Looking beyond the election, we will continue to advocate for the next government to prioritise the restoration and rebuilding of UK-EU relations.

Help us put Europe on the political agenda during the general election and beyond

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