Please welcome our new Branches Reps

Published on October 26, 2021

Polls have closed in the election to select 36 representatives of our local branches who will sit on the National Council - the European Movement UK's largest decision making body.


We are pleased to announce that, following the election, the following people have been chosen to sit on the National Council by their peers in other branches and local groups.

The list is in alphabetical order, alongside the name of the group that nominated them.

  • Barbara Callender (EM Wandsworth and Merton)
  • Charlotte Mbali (East Kent European Movement)
  • Chris Hammond (Cheltenham for Europe)
  • Daniel Price (Warrington for Europe)
  • David Nickerson (Esher and Walton for Europe)
  • George Longstaff (Stratford for Europe)
  • George Smid (European Movement Northamptonshire)
  • Giuseppe Bignardi (North East for Europe)
  • Heather Glass (Lambeth for Europe)
  • Helen Gibbons (European Movement Sussex)
  • Helen Grogan (European Movement Staffordshire)
  • Howard Farmer (Cornwall for Europe)
  • Ian Morris (Canterbury for Europe)
  • Jane Jarvis (Salisbury for Europe)
  • John Bland (Lincolnshire European Movement)
  • Jon Hill (Cotswolds for Europe)
  • Jonathon Stoodley (European Movement 1066)
  • Lisa Ryan Burton (Bremain in Spain)
  • Margaret Rowley (Droitwich Spa for Europe)
  • Mary Seniviratne (Sheffield for Europe)
  • Nick Hopkinson (London4Europe)
  • Pat Maguire (Hull and East Yorkshire for Europe)
  • Patrick Reynolds (Stroud for Europe)
  • Paul Browne (Cambridge for Europe)
  • Paul Hawes (Malvern for Europe)
  • Paula Welch (EM Eastbourne branch)
  • Peter Burke (Oxford for Europe)
  • Richard Jones (Herefordshire for Europe)
  • Richard Morris (Sevenoaks, Swanley, and Tonbridge in Europe)
  • Richard Wilson (Leeds for Europe)
  • Sarah Murphy (EM Macclesfield and East Cheshire)
  • Shaun Thornton (Notts4Europe)
  • Simon Ferrigno (European Movement Derbyshire)
  • Tim Beyer Helm (European Movement Merseyside)
  • Tom Pratt (EU in Brum)
  • Winston Collinge (Lancaster for Europe)

Congratulations to all newly elected members of the National Council, after what was a hotly contested election with a record number of nominations from groups all over the UK and beyond. They will take up their positions following our AGM in November.

Polls open this weekend (30 October 2021) in the elections to select our next Chair, Vice Chairs, and Members Reps that will be chosen by our almost 14,000 members. Members will be contacted in due course with information about how to cast their votes.

You can read more about our National Council, and our elections, by clicking here.

Our movement is powered by people like you coming together to battle for the soul of our country!

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