Voters Overwhelmingly Want Europe on the Election Agenda

Published on June 03, 2024

Just-released new polling shows that 6 in 10 voters want a proper debate on Europe as part of the general election campaign.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the sentiment is strongest among younger voters. Asked whether they think the UK's relationship with the EU is an important topic during the General Election campaign, 65% of people aged 25-34 said yes - while the overall figure for the under-40s was 62%.

Cecilia Jastrzembska, President of Young European Movement, has commented: "The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union has had a devastating impact on opportunities for young people, particularly our withdrawal from the Erasmus+ student exchange scheme. The data is clear; young Brits will not stand by while their futures are on the line.”.

Even in the 65-74 age bracket, well over half wanted discussion of our relationship with the EU back on the table.

Watch European Movement chair, Dr Mike Galsworthy discussing the poll results on LBC:

So far the silence on the problems caused by Brexit has been deafening, on the economy, opportunities for young people, its contributions to the cost-of-living crisis and more. But the evidence show that voters want Britain's future relationship with the EU back in the debate in the run up to July 4th - and they're being ignored.

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